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It is obvious to all that the biggest video site is YouTube but it certainly isn’t the only one that offers online video sharing for video marketers like you. In fact there are scores of video sites where you can post your small business videos.

YouTube is far ahead of the pack – its gets around 450 million unique visitors a month and is ranked fourth of all web sites. So it makes sense to upload your videos to YouTube. However, you shouldn’t neglect the others which can also give you valuable exposure. Some of these will be familiar names to you and others you may never have heard of before.

Video Bash, AOLTelevision, Liveleak And Vevo

These four sites attract around 4 – 5 million unique visitors a month and although YouTube gets one hundred times more than this, you can still benefit by posting your videos on these sites

Break.com, TV.com And Veoh

The next largest online video sharing sites are Break.com, TV.com and Veoh and these get 13 to 15 million visitors per month.

Yahoo Video and Vimeo get around 17 million unique visitors a month. Vimeo has the advantage of promising not to place ads before, after or over your videos.

Mega Video and MySpace

The next biggest group is MegaVideo and Myspace Video, each getting around 24 -25 million unique visitors a month. MySpace Video of course is not as popular as YouTube but many sites have partnered with MySpace to promote their media to the MySpace community.

Daily Motion and Metacafe

These are the third and fourth largest video sites on the web with around 26 to27 million unique visitors a month. On Daily Motion you can upload, share and embed your videos. It allows you to browse and upload videos by searching tags, channels or user groups and the search system also introduces results based on things other users have searched for.


Hulu is the second largest video site and gets 400 million unique visitors a month and is just outside the top one hundred of all sites. Hulu distributes video both on its own website and syndicates its hosting to other sites and allows users to embed Hulu clips on their websites.

There are many other websites that allow upload of internet videos, but these are the most popular. To increase the exposure of your web videos, think about posting them to some of these other sites as well, not just YouTube. There are hundreds of millions of visitors who go to sites other than YouTube, so don’t restrict yourself to just one site.

There is no reason with video marketing to pick only the one video site when you could reach so many more prospective customers if you took the time to post to some of these others.

Now that you know these top online video sharing sites, you must take advantage of it by uploading your promotional videos and start promoting your business. Click here for more tips on how to do video sharing effectively. Want video marketing experts to do it for you, we’re happy to help, contact us today.

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