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Video Transcript: iStock is something we use quite extensively. Has anyone used iStock? Yes, it’s a really good resource to get stock footage, like stock photos, stock videos, stock flash intros, audio if you need a sound track, royalty free soundtracks, things like that. We started utilizing it at the intros for small business videos, it’s a really effective thing. Another one is a thing Pete uses, it’s called VideoHive and it’s higher end as well.

iStock we use all the time. What we did here was we bought a piece of animation for freetradingsystems.org, that website that ranks number one for trading systems. It’s just a flash intro and then we incorporated our own logo on top of it so it looks like it’s ours. Yes. So it looks like it’s built in with a bit of music. I think I might have it embedded so we’ll see.

Really simple. Something like that, it doesn’t cost a lot and it adds that little bit of extra professionalism. So check out iStock. What you do there, you buy credits and then you put it towards whatever you’re downloading. You can get different levels too, you can get an HD version, you can get one that’s specific for the web. The same with audio, you can get different levels of online video services as well.

Audacity, this is a free piece of software which is obviously for audio. What you can do with Audacity is you can cut and paste audio, you can snip up material, you can get rid of people saying um. You can change the pitch and tone within files, what else can you do? You can basically clean up any audio that you have and it’s open source, it’s free, it’s really easy to use as well, three drag and drop.

At the end of last year, I did some voice overs for Seek, seek.com.au. They were making some e-cards for their staff to give out to their clients and whatever. I needed to do some Christmas material as part of my web video services, and I don’t have the deepest voice in the world, so I made a Santa Claus one, I think I’ve got it on here. Just listen closely.  That’s me, I just deepened my voice in Audacity, just exported it. It doesn’t export into MP3 but then you can just pull it into iTunes and convert it in there.

David: Yes, you can get a LAME encoder you can add in. That’s another easy way to do it as Ben said, you can export it and then you can use it in the other software. There are plenty of ways to do it.

Ben: It’s quite a versatile thing and it’s free, it’s fantastic. Now it’s over to Dave.

David: Posterous is another service that I use lots. I record things on my iPhone, I’ll do it in my car, just little ideas as they pop into my head. Then I’ll email it to my Posterous account and it automatically gets posted on my Posterous account. Then we can take those audios and we do that thing where an assistant will then take that and create a slide show and match it to the audio and we create a video out of those little audios that I record using and posting to Posterous. If you have a look at my Posterous account you can find a little bit more about that.

You can also do video through it as well, there’s an iPhone app, a Posterous iPhone app that you get. I tried to do without the app, you try and email video anything over about a minute long and you can’t add the video as an attachment. That’s why you have to use the Posterous app. Then you can also record a video. Then on your iPhone upload it using this Posterous app, you just press a button, it’ll appear on your Posterous account embedded in a player and everything. It’s just about the speed of using corporate video production services at which you can get content out.

Maybe as a small business owner, one of your next clients you get them to do a quick on the fly testimonial, you record it, the best camera you have is the one that you’ve got. You can just ask them, can I take a quick recording, email it and within five minutes it’s up there. Maybe you have a blog that is just full of testimonials. That’s a great start. So that’s Posterous.

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