Be active in social media.

To make your online marketing campaign a success, it is important to pay attention to both old and new strategies as well as investing on quality videos regardless of video production rates. Combining the areas of online video marketing, online video service, social proof and SEO can have quite a powerful impact on your business.

Old Ways Combine With New Ways

Just concentrating on one aspect of marketing is not the best thing you can do for your business. A more balanced and rounded approach is much better. SEO is a tried and trusted method, and we should never forget to research keyword phrases and complete on-page optimization. Also publishing articles to get back links should not be neglected. Then it is important to move forward with online video and social media.

Online Video

Web video and online video service is a great way to build credibility and prove to your potential clients that you are an authentic person who will deliver on their promises and not just disappear with their money into the night. You can create helpful how to videos, answer FAQs in a series of videos and present testimonials from satisfied clients. Video is also an excellent place to demonstrate the benefits or your products and services and can do a far better job than simply text alone.

Social Media

You don’t use Facebook and Twitter to actually sell your product but rather to gain social proof. Commenting on social media is rather like going to a party. You don’t accost someone at a party and start telling them about the benefits of buying your products. Similarly with social media, you provide information and helpful comments rather than hitting them with a hard sell. Your business will be referred to only incidentally and subtly.

The idea is to drive people to your business by creating a positive influence through the opinion of many. The best way to do this is to create a positive buzz around your business. This is done through endorsements and testimonials. Local celebrities are particularly helpful in this area, and if you are using people like this, make sure they are well publicized and seen on your sites. Carefully organize offers and promotions.

It is necessary to run a multi-pronged attack using tried and true SEO methods, online video service and social media. Relying on one method to the exclusion of the others will not have sufficient impact to make a success. Click here to know more tips on how to do this for your business, or contact our team for professional video services.

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