Look for a firm who can help distribute your videos.

To get really high quality videos that are going to help sell your business, you may need the services of a reputable video production company. However, once you start to look for such an online video production, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of them out there, all keen to get your business.

We have compiled a list of seven points you need to examine before you hire anyone to do this important work. It may take a bit of extra time, but when you see the well-made video at the end, distributed to a number of different places, driving more traffic and more leads to your business, you will be glad you spent that extra time.

Find Out If They Have Sales And Marketing Experience

A well shot video is the first step, but the production company you choose must be able to go beyond that. Ask whether they have sales and marketing experience, because you want someone who can help you grow your business and find a stronger toehold in your chosen market.

Check Whether They Are Adept At Script Writing

A video is only as good as the script which underpins it. Find out if the company you’re interested in has a good script writer or access to one. They need to ask questions about your business and find out its unique features so this can be incorporated in the script aside from sharing video production tips.

Work Out What Their Core Business Is

You only want to work with a fully rounded, professional online video production company. If they tell you that their main focus is shooting wedding videos and twenty-firsts, this may not be the company you want to hire. You need someone who is experienced in shooting business videos and who knows about sales and marketing aspect.

Ask To See Some Examples

Any video production company worth its salt will have a wealth of successful videos they can show you – not just videos that look good, but videos which have successfully promoted their clients’ businesses. Some video testimonials from satisfied customers should also be available for you to see.

Speak To Them About Video SEO

If they don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask about video SEO, they’re not the company for you. In order for your video to be found online, it must be optimized, and the video production company needs to be able to help you with that.

They Need To Help With Distribution

Once the video is made, the production company should give you a hand with distributing it so that it is not only seen on your website but on your YouTube channel, other video hosting sites and social media sites.

Consider The Format Of Your Video

The finished video needs to be available in HD versions as this can be used in multiple places. Just getting the DVD is not sufficient.

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