You have completed your video and now want to get maximum distribution for that video. Everyone knows about YouTube. You need to focus most of your efforts on YouTube and there are a few reasons for that. Quite rightly, ninety percent of our online video distribution efforts will be centered around YouTube video, because it is the biggest rock in the online video marketing jar.

YouTube gets more than ten times the video views of its nearest competitor and is the second largest search engine in the world, after its owner, Google. Also, YouTube is now the default everywhere. It’s the default on all the Smart phones, and when you think about the TV which has integrated in things like Google TV all use YouTube as the default search engine.

Besides YouTube, there are some other smaller video sharing sites as well which you should know about. Some useful ones are Vimeo, Viddler and Amazon S3.

Vimeo is an excellent option if you don’t mind paying around $200 for the PRO version. This gives you 50GB of storage space and no bandwidth cap or time limits. You can also remove a lot of the branding when you’re embedding the videos onto your own website. By contrast, when you use YouTube videos, they have a lot of their own branding throughout, which you can’t remove.

It is important to note that Vimeo isn’t a commercial website; they don’t allow you to have commercial content. Vimeo can be used if you want to give away, say, an interview or other online video marketing purposes. However, with the release of the latest PRO version earlier this year it signified a move towards commercial content for small businesses. YouTube videos can look a little unprofessional, so for a really professional look, Vimeo is a great alternative.

When you’re doing commercial content, Viddler is a good video sharing site to use. This web video sharing site is a little bit more expensive. They suggest you start at $100 per month. You can remove any reference to Viddler on your video and when embedded onto your site, it looks very professional and streams very well.

You always have a choice which video site to use.

Amazon S3 is an online server where you can upload your videos. This is especially useful if you don’t want to share the content, just like what we do in The SEO Method. You do need to know a little bit more about encoding if you use Amazon S3 so you can choose the right quality for it to be encoded out. It is very useful in providing a cloud-based online server for uploading videos that you want to password protect. Many membership sites use it to serve video to their subscribers.

It is important not to spend all your video distribution time on YouTube, as these other online video sites can be great alternatives from time to time for your video marketing.

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