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Video Transcript: Now Animoto. Has anyone used Animoto? Animoto rocks your world. Their tag line is called the end of slide shows. What it does, it’s got the most beautiful, easy to use interface. You just upload images, whatever you want, photos, logos, whatever you want. You put them in the order you want them to appear, you can add little titles with each one and then you hit ‘submit’ and it turns it into a slide show. What it does, it uses templates, getting cool effects and so on are built on motion graphics programs. What this does is create things that would take you hours and hours and days to create.

I think I’ve got an example. It is free, it’s free to do a thirty second clip or you can pay per clip. You can do a minute or longer and I think you pay $3 per thing or you can buy a subscription of I think it’s about $30 a year and make Animotos. It’s a really effective thing to just do something exciting using top online video creation software, very hypey if you just want to get it out there. It’s also a really good tool because where you put in text, and once you guys go in you can see, you can put in a title and a little bit of description, but it’s very limited, like twenty characters and then maybe sixty or something like that.

So it forces you to be really concise. If you’re trying to get a message across it’s, here’s the title, here’s what you’ve got to know and then you back it up with images. Then you can select a soundtrack, you can upload one from your own library or select one of theirs, you can buy them, you can get free ones. I love it.

David: There’s a time and a place to use this particular one. We’ve tried using it for some promotion and it hasn’t worked so well. This is a good example of Planet 13, the rock and roll clothing music store. We created a video that we used and put on the top of a sales letter to sell the concept of Planet 13. So this is selling a franchise.

That’s a creative way of thinking outside of the box using some of these online video creator services in real world businesses as opposed to just a little internet marketing bubble.

Ben: The other thing is you can upload little bits of video footage as well, so you can play your own videos in there. They also have little images of the Eiffel Tower, of New York, of heart, there are themes you can put in there as well. It’s a great thing, I really like it.

Next one, Extranormal. Has anyone heard of Extranormal? No? This is amazing. They’re tag line is, if you can type, you can make a movie, I think it’s something like that. All you need to do, you write a script, coming back to the scripting, you write a script, you type it into Extranormal. You can choose characters and then it animates it for you. It’s quite in depth actually. Ryan basically built this video. All of us, Dave wrote the script, we all tweaked it, Ryan built it, I had a little go with some camera angles because you can actually put in some camera angles in there.

David: Can I jump in there? This is one of those really fun things that we were doing in the office and we all go involved and we thought it was really cool. I watched this little video, it was the iPhone4 versus the Evo. It’s a viral video that went completely crazy using Extranormal. It’s quite funny, it’s worth looking up. I got that idea and then that helped and inspired me to write a rough script, Ben fleshed it out, Ryan loaded it into Extranormal and it went back to Ben and he put the final tweaks and then we exported it out with the help of a movie creation software. I’m a big fan of this one, we only just launched it a few days ago so make sure you retweet this one. We’re not really selling anything but it’s good fun.

Ben: No, it’s just a bit of fun. The thing is you can choose different characters. These aren’t the only ones. I think you can pay for those but I think this one is free.

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