It’s usually a lot easier to learn through video.

There are many reasons why video making should be part of the curriculum of every secondary school in Australia. The creation of video is no longer just for the lucky few – it can be well within the reach of everyone who wants to try online video creation. And why not start with school children? Here are some points to remember as prepared by our video marketing company in St. Kilda.

Video Is Exciting

When a subject is interesting to them, children will learn faster. There can be nothing more exciting than shooting, editing and then viewing your own video. For those children not motivated by book learning, it is the perfect medium for learning.

Video Is Already Part Of Their Lives

Just as their parents grew up with television and their grandparents with radio, children today are growing up with web video and online video marketing. They are already familiar and comfortable with video, so why not bring it into the schools?

Video Is A Practical Subject

Many children are good with their hands and enjoy this more than learning the theory of a subject. Teachers would no doubt be amazed at how skilled their pupils already are at handling video. It would also be more interesting if they can try visiting video production schools to see video production classes in action.

Video Helps Children Plan

There is a lot of planning and preparation involved with video, and these are important skills for children to learn. They must think carefully about the script and plan it well before shooting. They need to consider camera angles and good lighting. Later on, they will be involved in the challenging task of editing the footage they have shot. All these things take good planning and focused teamwork.

Video Is Relatively Cheap

Today it is possible to purchase all the essentials for video making and online video creation, the camera, tripod, video lighting and sound equipment for under $1000. Most schools could afford this, or at least make it a fund raising project.

A Worthwhile End Product

At the end of their hard work, the children will have a very attractive product. They can experience the joy of viewing what all their time and effort has achieved. This will inspire them to keep refining their skills and benefiting from their experience so that they can produce even better results in the future.

There are so many reasons schools should initiate video making as a school subject. Students will learn an amazing amount of technical and life skills and have great fun along the way. Already some schools are taking up the challenge, and it is to be hoped many more will follow. Click this if you want to try online video creation on your own, or contact our video marketing company in St. Kilda for more information on how to make professional videos today.

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