No need to be an expert to create great videos.

It has just become easier for online business owners to improve the quality of their web videos using online video creation tools. Post production has always been a bugbear for people with limited technical know-how. However, video equipment has been getting cheaper and more accessible and online training in video production is now available to anyone who wants to learn. To make things even easier, YouTube has recently announced its new video editing tools which will enable people to improve the quality of their videos even further.

The New Tools

Amongst the things that these new tools will help with is fixing shaky footage, adjusting light levels and contrast and allowing you to rotate videos.  There are also new filters which can add effects to videos with a single click.

When using these new online video creation tools, you can keep the viewing history of the video as it was – you can keep the view count and all the comments, and all your existing links. You don’t need to re-upload anything to change it. You are also able to save multiple versions of your videos from your online video production company to see which one you prefer.

There will be no adverse effect on your statistics or your viewers. The only effect will be that your viewers will be impressed by the improved quality of your videos. They will enjoy  the exciting effects you have added to your videos and will no doubt stay longer on your site because they like the videos so much more.

To find these new tools, when uploading a new video, click on the ‘Edit Video’ option on the ‘My videos ‘ page. There is also an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button which does some initial colour editing. If you can’t find the ‘Edit Video’ button, don’t worry, the roll out is gradual, and it will appear soon.

These tools may seem simple to professional video makers, but for those new to the field, they will be a big help. Seasoned professionals use things like the latest Mac editing software, and iMovie tools or programs like Screenflow and Camtasia but these simpler YouTube tools certainly will help you to spice up your videos. When you feel comfortable using the YouTube tools, you may like to move on to more complicated video editing software.

Start off with the new YouTube  and other online video creation tools and you will learn a lot along the way, as well as improve the quality and look of your web videos. Need help in doing this for your business? Click here for more tips on how to produce quality videos or contact us at Melbourne Video Production today.

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