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The ‘Will It Blend?’ series of online videos have certainly made an impact on the market. This online video advertising series includes over a hundred videos, many of which went viral. The question was asked whether a Blendtech machine could blend various objects ranging from bottles of after shave to Justin Bieber dolls. It was proven by these videos beyond a shadow of a doubt that the machines could blend anything that was asked of them.

We can learn some useful lessons from these ‘Will It Blend’ videos.

We can Pre-empt Customer’s Objections and Questions

Customers want to know if they can believe the claims made by the business offering a product or service using online video production. Blendtech machines are marketed as being super powerful, but how can the prospective purchaser be sure that these claims are true?

In times gone by, the seller would take pictures, write pages of copy or spend a fortune on television advertising to show that what they say about something holds water.

By making a simple online video advertising campaign, the marketer can prove that his claims are credible, and the customer won’t be disappointed once they decide to go ahead and purchase whatever is being offered.

Video Is More Effective than Text.

You can claim that anything is true by simply saying it. But where is the proof? If you can demonstrate exactly how a product works by allowing the prospective customer to see it in action, they will have confidence that the solution they are after is in fact achievable.

Through video, the seller is able to answer questions, address frequently asked questions, promote his products, introduce his company or clearly demonstrate how something works. The human connection between the customer and the marketer is able to be established and maintained through this remarkable means.

Videos Can be Entertaining as Well as Informative.

Many people far prefer to watch a video to reading a page of text. You the marketer can take full advantage of this preference by constructing a video that is both informative and entertaining. Think of the Old Spice ads which have gone viral. They provide valuable information about a product as well as being outstandingly entertaining. Sales of the product have gone through the roof as a result.

The ‘Will It Blend’ campaign has been equally successful, proving beyond question that the machines are up to their job of blending in a highly original and effective fashion.

Video has Enduring Impact

People remember the ‘Will It Blend’ videos. This effect will last a lot longer than any number of photos or pages of facts.

The ‘Will It Blend’ campaign has been a lasting and effective online video advertising campaign. Think about what an impact such a series could have on your own business. If you can create some hook which the public have never seen before and deliver your information in a pithy, entertaining, yet informative manner, you could achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. It is well worth investing in online videos to exploit the market and grow your business.

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