Short videos are appealing.

Web video and online video advertising is a smart way to market your business, but only if the content you show is compelling and watchable. We have compiled a list of ways you can keep your viewers hooked on what it is you have to tell them.

Get People Chuckling

One infallible way to keep your audience interested is to get them laughing.  Of course there is a time and place, but if you can inject some humour somewhere into your video, you will have your prospective customer coming back for more.

Keep It Short

Many people are time poor and just don’t have a spare half an hour to sit watching a video. A good time span is 60 – 90 seconds and it is amazing how much information and entertainment you can cram into that time frame. A long video can be broken up and made into a series of shorter videos.

Create A Video They Will Want To Click

It is important to have the video displayed on your website in such a way that your viewer will want to click ‘Play’. Make the photo they see before they start watching appealing and attractive so that they won’t be able to resist finding out what it is you have to say.

Vary The Type Of Video You Create

There are so many different types of video to make, that is a shame to stick to only one. There are testimonials, ‘how to’, FAQs and promotional videos for products to name a few. Keep your viewer entertained with the variety of styles that you present.

Make Your Videos Versatile

People don’t watch videos just on their computer. They watch them on their smartphones and on social media platforms as well. Make sure your video is able to be watched on multiple platforms.

Pay Attention To Your Script

A really good video for online video advertising has a really good script. Don’t expect to be able to speak fluently and effectively to the camera if you haven’t planned well ahead with a well thought out script.

Understand Your Viewer

Do your research and be sure of who your audience is. You will then know how best to address them, and what type of content they will be most interested in. Don’t adopt a scatter gun approach where you try to hit all targets; know who your audience is and speak specifically to that audience.

Music Enhances Video

Find some suitable music to enhance your online marketing videos. You will make it more interesting to watch, and you will be able to set the mood. Make sure the music you choose is royalty free so you don’t get into trouble with music companies down the line.

Think About Authority, Transparency And Personality

You want to be in this business of video marketing for the long haul. Make video to enhance your reputation, and do this by being authentic and genuine.

Have A Call To Action

By the time your audience reaches the end of your video, you want them to have a clear idea of what you want them to do next. They should know if they are to call you, give their email address or visit a particular website. The call to action is the goal of any well thought out video.

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