Your videos must be informative.

Are you in the business of creating online marketing videos for your website, but feel as if maybe they are lacking something? You might benefit by following the DIME method of creating great videos. DIME stands for Dazzle, Inform, Market and Educate. If you aren’t including at least three of these steps in your web video production, you need to think again.


Your viewer needs to be impressed by the quality of your small business videos. This means you should pay close attention to the scripting, the lighting and audio and any props you might need. You don’t have to go over the top with a huge number of special effects, but you need to show that you know what you’re doing.

This will probably be the first contact your prospective customer has with you. You wouldn’t hand him a poorly designed business card if you met him in person, would you? In the same way, you don’t want to put him off straight away with a badly shot and edited online marketing videos. This is the time to put your best foot forward.


Show your viewer that you an expert in your chosen field. Give him information about your industry that he may not be able to find elsewhere, and deliver it in a chatty and friendly fashion.

The visitor has come to your site perhaps because he has typed in one of the keywords you use to optimize your website with. This means that you will have content that will be highly relevant and interesting to him. Take advantage of this fact and show him you understand his needs and concerns.


Of course you don’t want to hit your viewer over the head with many minutes of heavy sales messages. However, he does want to know what products and services you have on offer. These may need to be put in a separate section to the educational material you are providing, but they do need to be included. A specific call to action so he knows what he should do next should also be included


A series of ‘How To’ online marketing videos will position you as a leader in your field. Demonstrate something which your prospective client might be having trouble with. You can also educate him about the products and services you have which will benefit his life and will link effectively to the marketing part of your video.

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