Answering FAQs – can you handle the truth?

You realize that internet marketing videos are a great tool to have, but what should be the actual content of these videos? There are two particularly effective types of web videos that are relatively easy to make especially when your topic is about online marketing tips. The first is a FAQ video, and the second are Q & A videos.

You can upload these on YouTube put them on your website or on Facebook. They will be welcomed and appreciated by your customers.

FAQ Videos

These types of videos provide instant content. You can give any question life by simply making a video answering it. You can anticipate the problems and question that your prospective customers may have. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what may be troubling them. How much will the product cost? What colours do the t-shirts come in? Where can I park? How long before I get delivery? Anything like that you can turn into a video.

It is more engaging to see someone actually talking about online marketing tips than simply reading about it.  An emotional connection is set up between you the presenter and your prospective clients. Utilize this connection to your advantage. Make each single question one stand alone video. People have short attention spans, so give them only as much as they can handle in one go.

At the end of your short video you can include a call to action. Here is the answer to your question, now if you want to get hold of this product, pick up the phone now or call in at our showroom, for example.

Q & A Videos

A good way to structure Q & A videos is to address the top ten questions that your clients ask you and the top ten questions that they should ask. Create video responses to each of these questions using online marketing tools and upload them to YouTube. You can address such questions as does it work, is it worth the money, when can I expect results, how much work will it be for me, I can’t afford it, can’t I do it myself, have you had any failures and is there a guarantee? Answer these questions and then put them throughout your website. If your client asks you the question, you can send the link back or record a new response and send it to them.

Script It

Before you record a video, you want to be very clear in your own mind what the question is that you’re answering. Then, write out the explanation and think of the responses you can give to possible objections that people may have. Your prospective client may object that the whole process will take a lot of time, but you can easily counter this by voicing their objection and then answering, that no, in fact it won’t take a lot of time because we take care of all of the details for you.

At the end, you can call for your customers’ response. You can see, these are the online marketing tips and questions we’ve been asked, but we’d like to hear from you if you have any further questions, you may say.

Create either one of these types of videos and see your business grow.

These are effective tips on how to use the power of online video to reach out to your customers. If you want to learn how we do internet video marketing for our business, visit our channel at Youtube.com/theseomethod today.

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