Your promotion will keep going and going…            Photo owned by Geoffrey Gallaway

There are many reasons to use online marketing solutions video to promote your business. Here are a some of them.

1. It’s Free

Once you have actually shot and edited the video, it is free to upload to many sites and social media platforms.  This is in contrast to any type of print advertising, where you often have to pay top dollar, especially if you want to use  TV advertising.

2. It Shows You Are A Real Person

In the often murky world of the internet, it is great to be able to actually show that you are a real person. Your prospective customer will get to know you through your internet marketing online videos, so that when he wants to do business with you, he will feel he is able to trust you.

3. It Increases Your Credibility

Linked to the previous point, a video can demonstrate that you have credibility and authenticity. You can look your customer squarely in the eye and tell them honestly about the products and services you have on offer

 4. Show Off Your Wares

Because it is a visual medium, online marketing solutions video is able to showcase the products and services you have on offer in the best light. It will be much more powerful than having text to describe the product, or a still photograph.

 5. Holds The Attention

Most people find video enjoyable to watch, so with a video on your website, your customers will stay on your site longer. This gives you a better chance to get across your message and to close the sale.

6. It Is Versatile

There are so many different types of videos you can create – how to, FAQ, testimonials to name a few. You don’t have to stay in a rut; experiment with many different ways to get your message across.

 7. It Improves SEO

Video is great for SEO. Optimize your video in the same way you do your website for well chosen keyword phrases and you will move up in the search engine rankings.

8. It Keeps Going

Once the video is made and uploaded, it can be your salesman 24/7, 365 days a year. No more work is required from you to keep it going.

 9. The Emotional Bond

After seeing you on your Youtube videos, people will develop an emotional bond with you. They will want to interact with you and do business with you because they feel as if they already know you.

10. People Expect It

You need to use video because people expect it nowadays. A website without video feels outdated. To remain ahead of the pack, you need video.

Maximise the power of online marketing solutions video and let it help boost the potential of your internet business. Click here for more tips on how to do this today. Want an expert video production staff to help? Contact us to find out more.




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