Get the right hook to snatch the best applicant.

Every step of the job hiring process needs to be aimed at hooking the type of great performers that you want working in your business. The process starts with writing an online job advertisement that will attract the best and there is a skill to doing this.

Before you start, you need to be clear about the target market you are aiming for. Who exactly are you wanting to attract?


You should begin with a catchy headline which will capture the attention and explain what you are looking for.


You should then provide a brief summary of the position you are offering and state clearly what it will take to be successful in this position in outsourcing online job boards.

Tell the Story

Here you will need your copywriting skills. Think about your avatar, who it is that you are writing this job ad for. Climb out of your own body and settle into the mind of the person you are trying to attract. What would they find interesting and appealing in a job?

It needs to be more than just about the money being offered. If you are after a video expert, what will they be hoping for? They will be looking to have their videos viewed by as many people as possible and a world wide audience for their creations would be the ultimate. If this is you are able to offer this opportunity, this is what you need to explain.

Present the Problem and Solution

Explain the situation as it is experienced in your company. Your problem may be that you are the bottleneck in your business, and you may need a project manager to take over some day to day tasks such as supervising other assistants. Explain the skills that will be required in order to overcome your problem. It will make it even more real if you include some images or even a short video.

Introduce Your Culture and Your Team

If the successful applicant is going to be coming into the office every day, have a picture of your office included in the ad. Explain a little about the culture you are trying to foster in your business.

Present the Benefits Clearly

You may be offering generous amounts of training. Any applicant with ambition and a desire to grow will be instantly attracted by this online job advertisement. Tell them that they will become part of your business family, and introduce some of the other members of your team.

Tell Them What they Need to Do Next

Don’t leave them up in the air. If they need to get a full resume and covering letter back to you, tell them exactly how to go about this and what needs to be covered. Keep their initial enthusiasm and excitement about the job going by giving them a clear next step.


Before you close, restate the key points. Make it clear that you are only after hard workers and anyone just there to put in the time and looking for a little extra cash may not be the right person for the job.

Follow these steps in posting online job advertisement and you will be sure to attract just the person for your position.

Hiring the best staff is easy if you already have a tried and tested process to follow. Start with a great online job advertisement to attract skilled players in your team. Learn about the rest of the hiring process through the Outsource Profit Machine workshop by simply clicking here.

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