Make sure your business videos will make your day.

Online video production is like any marketing tool – it can be used to highlight the good or to show the very bad of online business video.

There are two well known video examples that demonstrate the two sides of the same coin in internet marketing promotion. They demonstrate how important it is to carefully think about the way you portray your business through web video.

The Bad – The Fed Ex Example

The Fed Ex example got 7 million views in a week. It featured a man pulling up in a FedEx van carrying a large box to a gated home. He makes no attempt at gaining entry, he simply lobs the box over the gate and drives away without a backward glance. Of course the computer was broken, and the man it was sent to captured it all on his security cameras.

As it happened, the owner of the house was home at the time the box was delivered, so if the FedEx employee had made his presence know, none of this would have happened, and the box could have been delivered safely with the computer intact.

FedEx immediately came out  once this video was made public and said that this was not the way their mail was delivered and that this employee no longer worked for them.

A few days later, the main rival of FedEx had a driver also mishandle a package, and this again was caught on security camera.

The thing to take away from all of this is that it is easy to create a bad impression and this bad impression will stay around a long time if it has been captured on video in online marketing. The power of online business video cannot  be underestimated.

The Good – Delta Airlines Cameras In A Suitcase

By contrast, Delta Airlines had a customer service win when it had the novel idea of placing six cameras in a suitcase and allowing those cameras to film the passage of the suitcase from conveyor belt to aircraft to airport. It showed the luggage being treated carefully by the baggage handlers and this clip was able to reassure air passengers that their luggage was sure to be well looked after when they flew with Delta!

This was made as a reply to a song being written by a disgruntled passenger who had flown with United Airlines and had his guitar damaged. The video of the song ‘United Breaks Guitars’ went viral. Delta Airlines really trumped their rival by their superb use of online video production.

These examples demonstrate the power of online business video. Use it wisely to enhance the reputation of your online business.

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