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Franchises lead the way with some great lessons when you are designing your own online business solutions. A system can be defined as a predefined repeatable process to produce consistent outcomes. When we look at a typical large franchise model like McDonald’s, we see that everything is designed to produce consistent outcomes.

How can fifteen year olds, who can’t even organize themselves to clean their bedroom run a multi million dollar enterprise like McDonalds? It is all down to the system. From the moment a venue is decided upon for a new McDonald’s to the day it opens its doors to the public, everything has been documented and systematized. Everything can be completed in rapid time because everything has been planned and systematized.

There are a certain number of minutes that a pattie must be cooked on one side and there is a particular way that the assistant greets the customer. Everything has been documented in to a process from your best online business ideas and it is done the same way each time so that the outcome every time is identical.

Plan your own business as if it is going to be a franchise, even if you have no thought that it ever will. Providing the type of detail supplied by McDonalds is a good model to bring to your own business systems because it means that everything can be replicated and you don’t need to go over the same ground with new staff and new situations.

The work can be documented in great detail, step by step and this documentation can then be provided to any new staff member. There will be minimum input from you, as they will be able to learn exactly what they need to do every step of the way by following the process that has been so carefully documented.

Systems are everywhere, whether you are conscious of them or not. The way that you get up in the morning, have something to eat, go for a run and then head off for work is a system. If you want to change the outcome, the end result, in your personal life or in your business, you must look at the system and make changes there first of all. Only in this way will you achieve a change in the end result.

When you start to consider systems in your business, a really good place to start is by reading The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. He is the guru’s guru of systems, and you will learn a lot about the purpose and benefit of systems by reading what he has to say about this important subject. Anything that goes wrong in a business is the fault of a poorly designed online business solutions, it is hardly ever the individual’s fault. Your systems run your business and people run the systems.

Someone may look at an amazing trader, for example,  and think that he is acting completely intuitively. He knows just the right time to buy and just the right time to sell. This comes about from many years experience and rather than being due to intuition, it is a result of having internalized a well thought out system over a long period of time. A lot of work has gone into designing a system the trader  could feel comfortable with.

The key is becoming conscious of the types of systems we are operating under, and making these the very best we can to benefit our business using online business solutions.

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