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Video Transcript: What we also want to do, a couple of things from a testing and split testing perspective that I spoke about in the last session, like everything, you want to split test. If you click on the ads tape here, it takes you back to the actual ads which are running in that particular group. I always recommend, you want to run a couple of different ads at any given time to work out which one is best. How do I know that ad is going to be the best converting ad? Like the split test data, 4% to10% conversion rate, what would you rather? You’d want more traffic.

So if we simply click here on new ad, and we can go text ad; I won’t bore you with all the other possibilities. You’ll see a pending warning. Because what Google does is it goes and vets it to make sure the ad doesn’t have any bad language in it and it is relevant, just a baseline.

Let’s pick a different headline. Let’s say Physio Clinic Hampton. Open seven days. Even sometimes the order makes a big difference. What street are you in? Hampton Street. Full service plus rebates. I don’t know if you’ve got that Medicare thing.

Obviously, you know this better than I do once you know your business, but just play around with this. Even to the point where you test things where the display URL doesn’t have a www can make a difference, a significant difference. Just the conversion and the click through, it’s very strange. But all these things can make differences, so you want to keep testing.

So you’ll put in two ads and what will happen is, as the impressions come up, Google advertising campaigns show the ads evenly. So the first person, whatever the keyword might be, physio Hampton, they’ll show the first ad. To the second person, they’ll show the second ad. And over time, you’ll see which ad gets a better click through rate. That’s the winning ad. So you can delete the losing one and try again with another one, keep them making them race against each other. There are some funky ways you can do it moving forward.

Let’s quickly add in another group of the ad groups. I’ll add in a second group here, just using this campaign as an example. Let’s call it back pain. This is a quick example of how you target different things. So that’s back pain, headline is: Got back pain? It’s all about testing different headlines and things like that. Need a Quick Solution to Your Back Pain? Visit us in Hampton.

Then if you had a page that was /backpain.html, you’d put in a destination URL so when that actual back pain ad comes up, it goes straight to the relevant page. That page would be saying, Hey, Have you Got Back Pain? We Can Fix It. Call this Number. You’d have a big phone number, little video testimonial saying, I had back pain. I couldn’t stand up, got in my car and drove home.

So the keywords here you would be going back pain, so you would put it in both options, lower back pain. I know there are some typos here but deliberately, because people might search lower back pain like that, lower back pain, so you want each keyword is different. Google treats every keyword in small business online marketing as a different bucket.

Now you know how to implement split testing for your online advertising campaign, I hope you incorporate this to your website as soon as you can. Why not do the same for your marketing videos? We can certainly help create it for you. Click here.

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