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Video Transcript: Question: I’ve been considering getting a 1300 or 1800 number because I currently use my mobile number which is working fine for me, people do ring it. Do you have any research on how much difference it makes having that type of number?

Absolutely. We’ve done a lot of testing with that sort of thing. It comes down to 1800 numbers and 1300 numbers are there for a reason, because they work. You just find that people will want to deal with professionals, as Dave was saying earlier, they want to deal with someone who is professional, who’s an expert in their niche. A 1800 number says a lot more than a mobile phone number. Mobile phone, to me personally, says small, one-man band; 1800 number says company.

What you can do is have three or four 1800 numbers for small business, one for your website, one for your business card or whatever it might be. They can all answer at the same number. You only need one phone line coming into your office. All the 1800 number is basically a redirect.

When someone calls the 1800 number, it just redirects the call through to your normal phone number. You can redirect it to a mobile phone. But at least that way you can actually track it separately and it’s a big thing.

We just did some direct mail that is going out on Monday. We did the split testing of four different DL fliers, each one had its own unique phone number. We can see which one actually works. There is no point in doing work if you’re not actually measuring it. That’s in everything Yellow Pages. I have mandate that we do not spend a cent unless we can track if that cent made a profit. Don’t just throw money out there and hope one of them is going to stick. Which one sticks?

It’s about them, not you

There is that old advertising saying that, I know that half my advertising works and the other half
doesn’t. I just don’t know which half. You want to test this sort of thing. It’s important, not only to
have phone numbers on your site, but to actually make them prominent as part of your small business marketing strategy.

I hope you get your own 1800 number since it greatly helps when it comes to marketing your small business. After that, then you can launch your own business videos. Want some expert assistance from us? Send a message to our video production team today.

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