Interviewing the industry big wigs = instant credibility.

Online video is very important to your marketing efforts. Two very powerful types of interviewing videos involve industry leaders and interviewing customers for testimonials.

Interviewing Industry Leaders

Aligning yourself with industry leaders can have many benefits and this can begin with offering to interview them. One of these benefits is that it gives you instant credibility. When someone has made it to the top of his profession, he is usually more than happy to share the steps it took to get him where he is today.

When you have lined up an interview, think about the questions you are going to ask. Ask them the questions you want to know the answers to. Ask them how they got started, what passions led them to take those first steps along their career path. Finding out what their philosophy is and who are some of their mentors will no doubt provide some very interesting points of discussion. Then you can go into what are some of the challenges they have faced along the way and what have they done to overcome those challenges.

Towards the end of the interview you can ask them what advice they would give a novice about to enter their field, and what does the future hold for them. What is the next step in their career path?


Another very useful type of using interviewing videos for any small business owner to make is one of testimonials given by satisfied customers. You can talk ad finitum about the benefits of your product or service, but if a customer does this, he can relate to another potential customer in a far more positive way. The potential customer sees the testimonial and thinks, he is just like me. He had the same problem and he found a solution for that problem. It gives your business instant credibility.

When you get a testimonial, it also gives you valuable insight into what is important to your customers. You may have thought that  price was the thing which was most important, but they may say during their testimonial that just having someone spend some time with them and really understand their problem was the most important thing. This is valuable information which can help you shape any future marketing campaigns using interview video.

It is a good idea to give your clients ample warning that you will be asking for a testimonial if they are satisfied on completion of a job. At the beginning, when you are first making contact with the, explain that you will be seeking a testimonial. If you uphold your end of the bargain, most people will be very pleased to give you a sincere and heartfelt testimonial.

During the testimonial, you can ask them what the situation was like for them before they found you. Next, what made them choose you from all those services available? What was the result they found from working with you and finally what does it mean to them now. You can also ask them what advice they would give to someone looking to work with your company and then is there anything else they would like to add?

Both these types of interviewing videos add instant credibility to your business. Go ahead and get started on these types of videos and your business will benefit.

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