Who would have thought we would watch videos on our phones? Photo owned by Matt Yohe

There is no denying that Steve Jobs was a visionary and had the ability to see trends in internet videos in advance and had the vision to get there.

He instigated many tools which have made the making of online video possible for anyone who is interested. The first was Apple’s video editing software which was released in 1999, well before anyone had even heard of YouTube.

The iMovie Initiative

iMovie has developed from the 1999 version of course, but they deserve credit for releasing this so long ago. With iMovie you have an editor of high quality that could provide semi-professional touches to amateur videos. This happened long before huge numbers of people watched online video, let alone created it.

The iPhone Initiative

The iPhone become available in 2007, and now everyone uses it to become a video maker. YouTube popularized viewing online video, but iPhone popularized the creating of it. Anyone with an iPhone in their hands can sit with  their client and interview them, shooting the film on their iPhone while they do the interview.

Before the innovation of the iPhone, shooting footage was a complicated process involving a camcorder and other recording devices. Now it is cheap and easy to get high quality results from a simple device which anyone can own and operate.

The Quick Time Initiative

Quick Time is still going strong and has helped promote the growth of internet videos. Earlier, online video used to be thumbnail sizes, but QuickTime helped provide the full screen version we see today.

The iTunes Initiative

iPhones are often used to access thousands of movies and shows in the iTunes store. This paved the way for a new type of online media store.

The Final Cut Pro Initiative

Final Cut Pro has been used by professional editors and has led the way in free online videos and video editing. Even those with little expertise in video editing can use this. It provides a flexible and easy way to edit. Among other things, it lets you assemble sophisticated multicam projects speedily and relatively simply. It allows fast assembly as well as precise trimming and you can reorganize your story as you work because you can move a section of your project in a single step.

Steve Jobs has had a strong influence on the development of internet videos. Of course not all the ideas were exclusively his, but he had the vision to give them the go ahead and they have enriched lives as a result.

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