It’s well and good following tips for recording videos in a structured environment with professional equipment, but many people will be at home or in the office making their video. You can still make a polished and effective video at home if you focus on your screen presence using internet video marketing tips.

Everything in your video frame says something about you or about the products and services you are making available. Some people like to have a plain background using a dark coloured sheet. Others prefer to make it a little more personal by adding a vase of flowers or something particular like a guitar. Whatever you choose, remember this is going to have an effect on your viewer and choose carefully, making the background relevant to your particular audience.

Next it is important to look your audience in the eye. The way you do that is to keep gazing steadily into the lens of the camera. If you constantly look away, it will appear as if you have something to hide or are unduly nervous. This can be very distracting to your audience and they might give up watching the video sooner rather than later.

It’s a good technique to imagine you are speaking to your avatar while you’re delivering your internet marketing video presentation. Think about that camera as a living person, and speak as you would to a friend. This idea will help you relax and will enable you to speak in a natural way to your audience. This may be as close as you ever come to meeting your customers face to face, so make the most of it and let them enjoy your screen presence.

You need to consider where you place your internet video marketing notes during your presentation to the camera. If your eye wanders too far to the right or left, your viewer will soon figure out that you’re reading, and this will be off putting to them. Tape your page of bullet points on to the camera itself or directly behind it or above it. You will have easy access then to glance occasionally at your notes when you need to, without distracting your audience.

If you’re keeping your videos short, practice your delivery a few times until you can do it without using a script, or at the very most, just using a couple of main points. If you’re reading your script, this will detract from your marketing message, and will sound ‘wooden’, much like bad acting. Practice will enable you to speak directly to the camera in a convincing and fluent manner.

Also practice by looking at yourself in the mirror while you deliver your message. Any little mannerisms like fiddling with your hair, or repeatedly saying ‘um’ or mumbling can then quickly be picked up and changed.  Enjoy the process of learning how to make great videos at home or in the office!

These few tips on how to improve your screen presence when making internet video marketing presentations that will undoubtedly improve their quality. Click here if you’d like some further help on this or any other aspect of video making, contact us a Melbourne Video Production and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

You’re not alone making great home made videos.

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