Use videos to market your products and services.

The format of your promotional videos needs to include the right steps to build the relationship and trust with your viewer needed in order to move the sales process along sufficiently to have a hope of conversion to a sale. Here are four things that should always be included in your videos to increase online sales as prepared by our team of St. Kilda web video experts.

1.   Trust and Credibility

The biggest fear people have which prevents them from buying over the internet is that you will disappear with their money. If you don’t address this fear then you are reducing your potential market drastically. A video on your website can help you do just that. In your video you are able to demonstrate exactly how your product or service works and what benefit they can achieve by purchasing the product from you. Testimonials are also a great addition; these provide instant credibility by showing a person just like your customer who had exactly the same problems which were solved by purchasing whatever your business is offering.

If you have been featured in newspapers, magazines or journals, add these logos to your video. This will add greatly to your credibility which in turn help greatly to increase sales online.

2.   Show the Price.

It can be very annoying for someone to have to wait until the very end to be told the price of the product or service. It is much better to be totally transparent and upfront with the cost. This puts the prospective clients at their ease and allows them to focus on the features and benefits of the product or service you have to offer.

3.   Guarantee

If possible, offer a bold and generous guarantee. It might sound counter intuitive to offer a full, no questions asked money back guarantee, but people won’t ask for their money back if you are offering a quality product. In fact they will be reassured by the guarantee and will be satisfied that their purchase is risk free.

4.   Call to Action.

This is the most important part of the whole video. You want your video to result in some positive action which will be of benefit to you. Don’t confuse the client with many options. Instead, offer them one clear action which they can take, such as pick up the phone or enter their email address. Because you can’t see their face, presenting them with several options will muddy the water and they may decide to do nothing.

However, there can be a point made for offering two very similar choices. People like to make a choice, that is part of human nature. So offering them the choice of say, a blue pair of pants or a grey pair of pants can be a powerful way to get a choice made in your favour. It will depend on the ultimate goal of the video.

If you include each of the four suggestions mentioned, you will be able to create a more successful promotional video, increase online sales and repeat this winning formula in order to grow your online business.

Melbourne Web Video Production likes to keep you up to date with tips on how to use promotional videos for your online business. If you’re just starting out with creating promotional videos, feel free to check out our special offer page today. Our St. Kilda web video staff are always ready to help you.

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