How to create a viral video on youtube

Life-sized Lego car powered by air case study

The MVP team recording the YouTube viral hit!
We work on all kinds of projects – case in point, we recently shot a video for the world’s first air-powered, full-sized Lego car. The video received millions of views in the first few days and was covered by over 150 media outlets around the globe. You can watch the video below and read on to discover what we learned in the process of creating a viral video hit on YouTube.


It was a shining success. But what made it so successful?

Viral videos. Everybody wants one. But how can you make it happen? The truth is, there’s no guarantee something will “go viral”. Any web video production house that claim they can make a video “go viral” is just trying to make a sale and are setting unrealistic expectations from the get-go.

To understand viral videos and to give your video the best chance of “going viral”, you need to understand the nature of what makes a video “go viral” in the first place, and just as importantly, understanding what a viral video is not. It’s not about production values, it’s not about having the best product, it’s not about being funny and it’s not about how much money you throw at it.

A viral video really comes down to one thing. Shareability. You need to put yourself in the viewer’s shoes and then ask yourself this question: Why would I share this?

The answers could range from:
– I’d share this because it’s funny
– I’d share this because I learned something
– I’d share this because it’s shocking or unbelievable
– I’d share this because it represents my views/values
– etc. etc.

Then you need to ask: Who would I share this with?

The answers could range from:
– My friends
– My family
– My partner
– My work colleagues
– My social networks
– etc. etc.

Our director (David Jenyns) getting a snap with the car.

Our director (David Jenyns) getting a snap with the car.

When creating your video idea, think about this. The more answers you can tick from the lists above, the greater your chance of viral success. If your video has a specific purpose, or a niche, then you may only want it shared amongst certain demographics and making it “funny” might not be appropriate for what you’re trying to achieve. If your goal is for the whole world to see it, then the more answers you can tick the better.

Of course, if you need a little help, give us a call on 03 8618 6801… we have the team, the skills and experience to give you the best shot at having your own YouTube viral video hit.

Still interested in our Lego car experiment? Find out a few more fun facts below:

Infographic - Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air

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