Avoid getting lost with the help of Google Maps indoors in this week’s viral videos mixed bag.

Another week has passed and it is time for you to learn a thing or two through the videos we have found interesting and worth sharing to you.

Let us know what you think or even better, share to us any exciting videos you’ve seen lately. We always enjoy chit chat with our readers. So go ahead, make use of the comments section at the end of these videos.

1. Are you planning a trip for an industry conference or exposition? Unless you have been in the same venue before, then there could be a chance you might get lost. Not if your mobile device can help it with the use of Google Maps. It now features directions for indoor locations, helping you quickly find your way to your destination.

Exploring the world is one thing, exploring indoors is another.

2. What is your opinion on sponsored conversations? Do you think it is a legit and responsible way of creating buzz for your business or just another way of spamming? There is little doubt that it works, if people cannot spot the difference between a paid one and a real one.

Will you put a price on your honest review?

3. A urine-controlled video game installed in the restroom of a bar. Smart move or a waste of marketing money? Come to think of it, if the games are addictive then players will have to frequently go to the bar and drink more or else they would not have enough ‘juice’ to power the games.

Can be an innovative way of marketing to men while not much thoughts are going through their heads.

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