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Video Transcript: But what you can do, to give you an idea, if I go to find keywords, I’m just going to add some keywords into this group as an example and give you a way to do it. On the right-hand side, because I’ve got some related industry keywords in this group, now I’m going back to add more keywords to give you some ideas. On the right-hand side, Google is saying, here are some other keywords that might be relevant and worth bidding on. So I can add in lower back pain, lower back pain causes, and it throws them all in for you.

You can also go to the keyword tool, which is a sneaky little way and – do you know, a competitor’s website? Brightonphysio.com.au. If you go in here, Sports and Spinal, you put in the website enter, it’s going to go off and crawl their website and see what their website’s about, try and work out what keywords their competitors are about. You can put your own website in here obviously and it will pull up what keywords your website’s about.

But you hopefully know what you’re targeting as you learn internet marketing. This will tell you what your competitors are targeting. So that’s a way to grab some other keywords.

Now you know that finding keywords using free keyword research tool is not that complicated. You can do it too, and you can start right away. I’d also encourage you to tie it up with a video marketing campaign. Visit this page and contact our web video team today.

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