Choose your equipment wisely.

It doesn’t need to be expensive to start shooting your own  business web videos. For under $1000 you can set yourself up with the five film video equipment items you really need to produce some great material.

Your Camera

For $200 to $300 you can find a great Panasonic, Sony or Canon digital camera which will do the job for you. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the very latest equipment. When it comes down to it, the camera you have on you at the time is the best camera you can have. Even a simple iPhone provides you with a way to record and get your message across using this lightweight film video equipment.


You need to think about lighting, as poor lighting affects the quality of your finished product. Choose some lamps with a light diffusion material across them such as scrim, which is fire retardant. This will give an even light and show the presenter without shadows on his face which can make him look tired, even unwell.

White light bulbs are better than yellow lights and can be purchased at a lighting store for about $15 each. Yellow globes will give an unwanted yellow glow which will not be as pleasing as the effect which can be achieved using white light. Proper lighting will probably be your biggest expense. Expect to pay about $500.

If you are unable to find suitable lighting inside, take your subject outside and shoot in natural light. This can create a great effect. Alternatively, you can remain indoors but shoot the video close to a window and again, utilize the natural light coming through. Try and position it so that the natural light is flooding onto your subject. If you are shooting a computer video, so you are shooting to the screen, have the natural light flooding onto you with the computer in between you and the light.


Audio is even seen by some to be more important than the image. Budget around $200 for a satisfactory microphone. You can’t get your message across if it is not clear to your viewers and listeners.

Tripod  – Keep it Steady

A good tripod will cost around $200 and will give you peace of mind. Without one, the table you’re balancing your camera on may suddenly collapse or not be properly aligned. With a serviceable tripod, you can rest easy and get the angles you need. A great tip is to have a white board set up behind your camera with the bullet points of the message you are delivering to the camera. You will look as if you are speaking spontaneously, but in fact, you will be keeping to your well planned script.

The Backdrop

Invest in a suitable backdrop by purchasing a thick plain coloured fabric perhaps in black. This film making equipment should only cost a few dollars. Another suggestion would be to find a clean sheet and hang it behind you.

For a modest amount, you can set yourself up to shoot some very effective videos for your business using these film video equipment items.

These are just some of the essential supplies you need when making videos for your business. Click here for more tips on how to come up with quality business videos today.

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