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Video Transcript: I want to talk briefly about, well, what do we put into this report? This comes back to this idea, and not enough people do it, get really clear on who that avatar is, it makes all the difference. It sounds kind of hokey and it sounds like there’s a bit of extra work and counterintuitive. But I’m telling you now, start there and your marketing will be so much sharper by using email marketing solutions and other email marketing tips.

Get inside that client’s head. Figure out what their biggest frustration is. Once you know what that avatar is, find out what it is that’s stopping them from doing business with you or what is their biggest hurdle or issue. For video, I’m frustrated that I’ve got this project manager breathing down my neck. I have to deliver this video by five o’clock on Friday. Otherwise, my boss is going to crack it at me.

If that’s your target market, on your website then what you’d do is you’d have a video front and centre: Are you tired of having your project manager breathing down your neck? He’s got this deadline and you just want to get the video done. Don’t you want someone who can handle it all for you? I’ve got a free report. You can sign up below this video that will take you through seven things that you need to look for when selecting a video company that you want to work with.

Then you figure out what those seven key frustrations are and pretty much you make sure that you tick each one of those frustrations. As they’re reading the report, it’s almost like, oh, they’re talking to me. You build up that rapport of you talking to them, positions you as the expert. And then at the end of that report, that’s when you introduce your business. So the report is always about the client. It’s always about helping them overcome something and fulfilling some issue that they have. It’s almost like you’re selling yourself by default as a byproduct of putting out good content. So it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Using the magic numbers, this is just a copywriting thing, I might use 3, 5 and 7. So there are three things you must know about lower back pain or seven things, they’re just numbers I like to use. That’s from a copywriting point of view. I think they tested it and found that it was more effective. Introduce your business at the end, I talked about that.

Make sure you have a very clear call to action, that’s really important. I don’t think enough people understand the power of the call to action throughout everything that you do. Ben knows this when we do videos and so on. At the end of every video, I tell them what to do.

Watch the next part; head over to davidjenyns.com. If it’s something on my website, what is the next thing that I want them to do? I’ll tell them, enter your details above and sign up for the free report, or pick up the phone and call me. So at the end of that report, you have a very clear call to action.

In your notes, I’ve got the SEO manifesto which is at the back of the slides. We won’t go through that now, but you can have a look at that in your own time and just see the way that I structured it. The first thing that I did was I introduced the issue: Are you at the Top of Google When your Clients are Looking for You?

As a person who’s interested in SEO, that’s important for me. That’s why I came to this business. I want to be at the top of Google. So I’m talking right to them.

Then I move through the process of, here’s how excellent SEO is done. Then at the end of the report I say: here are seven or five things that you must know about an SEO company before you do business with them. Obviously, I tick all of the boxes and then at the end I say, you want us to handle your SEO. You want to leave it to the experts? Then pick up the phone. Call us and get a free quote. It’s a really good example if you can create something like that. It may depend on your business as to how you pitch it. Some businesses are going to be different from other businesses.

I hope this video greatly helps in starting your own email marketing strategy to introduce your new business videos. Are you looking for expert help in your video production projects? Contact our  team today.

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