Choose the best music for your videos.

Adding music to your online videos can mean they sparkle and intrigue just that little bit more. However, it is very important to choose the music wisely, as there are some traps for unsuspecting players. You need to make sure that your music in your digital video production project is legal and appealing.

You want the music you choose to enhance your online videos, not drown out the message and not be the reason you end up with  a court case. Here are a few tips from our St. Kilda video firm.

Copyright and Public Domain Music

Most music is copyrighted and there are two copyrights, neither of which is owned by the artists. The music publisher and record company usually owns the rights to the song and the recording of the song. You need to get permission from both to use a piece of music. The agreement needs to cover internet rights.

Music written over a hundred years ago is in the public domain, and doesn’t require permission to be used. iMoves and some other web video editing software in every digital video production includes royalty-free music that you can happily use.

AudioSwap Music

YouTube has a feature called Audioswap which lets you automatically add music to your video. These clips have no legal implications and cover a wide range of genres.

Choose the Right Place

Music fits in well during your intros and outros and may make your Call to Action more memorable. Don’t let the music overwhelm the message; you want every word to be clearly heard. Low background music in short bursts will often be the best way to use your soundtrack.

Change the Music

You need to decide whether you want the same music to be heard over and over in your different videos to give a sense of branding. People will begin to associate your product or service with a particular line of music from your video production studio. However, if you do use the same music repeatedly, you run the risk of boring or irritating people. A range of  music genres may be more appealing to many listeners.

Time it Well

It is important that you introduce and end the music at just the right time. A few frames too late or too early can really spoil the mood, so it pays to spend the extra time to get the music in just the right spot.

The right music played at the right volume in just the right places in your web video and digital video production will provide a great mood enhancer and make your video an even more effective marketing tool.

Click here for more tips on how to produce quality videos for your small business. For further tips regarding video making, contact our team at our St. Kilda video firm. We’re there to help.

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