Looking for the best way to express something that you’re really passionate about? Perhaps, you have tried everything and yet everything else you’ve tried just fall short. Why don’t you take a chance on a custom web video? Our team at Melbourne Video Production helped one of our clients, Foodie Pooch, to succeed in such a dilemma.

In this project, we helped the Foodie Pooch owner to educate animal lovers and owners that their pets’ diets are as important as important as theirs. Through a series of clips, we were able to expose the real thing behind mass market pet food and its harmful effects on the pets. The whole content of the videos came from the expertise of our clients but we created a clear and easy-to-understand script for viewers of all ages.

Keen to know more about this project? Here’s a press release we launched about it:

A custom web video can promote both your business and advocacy.

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