Be creative in your videos. Aim for impact.

If you are a business developing a social media campaign, you will want to marry this with corporate web video. The two work so well together.

There is no better place for entertaining, informative video to be found than on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more.

Multiple Sites

When video is combined with social media, one video can show up on a number of sites very easily. The same video can be shared on your website, all your social media sites, your blog, all using the same format.

Video and Social Media Magic

When video and social media work together, a viral video like the Old Spice commercial can do wonders for a business. Of course you can’t plan for corporate video clips to go viral, but when you put out entertaining and intriguing videos on your social media sites, anything can happen.

Big players like those in the automotive industry have successfully demonstrated the high performance of their vehicles on video and then created a big buzz through social media.

Keep it Informative

Visiting social media sites is a bit like going to a party. You don’t expect someone to bowl up to you and start informing you of their latest products at a party. Similarly on social media sites, people don’t want to be subjected to blatant advertising. Inform, entertain, and mention your wares subtly in a corporate web video and you will have a far greater impact.

You can make a video focused on FAQs – even do a series of short videos with each one asking and answering a different question. You will be providing your viewer with a great education about the niche he is interested in. Another popular type of video is to demonstrate how to do something or how to make something  which is relevant to your industry.

Offer More

If you offer more than a simple sales message, if you provide content that people will learn something from, or be entertained by, they will be more likely to recommend your video. Social proof is one of the best endorsements to get – and it is easy if you remain genuine and authentic and deliver what it is that you promise. There must be solid reasons for people to recommend your business and simply offering more and more promotions is not a reason they will accept.

Keep At it

Developing a social media and online marketing strategy is an ongoing process – and it won’t happen overnight. But if you consistently produce high quality, informative, optimized content in your corporate web video, you will build a solid audience for your products and services.

Promoting your corporate web video means reaching out to your target market using social media. Contact our team at Melbourne Video Production and we will do our best to make your corporate video stand out from the competition.

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