Be a guru in your field with the help of web videos.

One of the most effective means of promoting yourself as a business coach in Melbourne, is to use the magic of a corporate web video.

I am sure it has become apparent to you that more and more people are spending increasing amounts of their time watching videos on the web. In order to stay ahead, it is vital that you too become involved in video production, for the sake of your business.

Here are a few ways you can stand out from your competitors from experts in video production industry.

Your Authority will Grow

We attribute expert status to people we see on TV and the same applies to video. You are placing yourself in the role of guru as soon as you become visible through video. This will enhance your status in the eyes of your customers, and will increase your earning power at the same time.

Sell Training And Coaching Materials To Your Clients

Don’t just confine your valuable expertise to coaching your own face to face clients. Spread your influence by creating DVDs of your coaching tips and make these available on your website where they can work for you 24/7. Information products such as these also have the added benefit of being very high margin.

Give Away Your Videos

Your clients consume media in a variety of ways. Some prefer to read, others to listen and others to watch a corporate web video. When you provide them with DVDs which impart valuable information, you’re making your expertise available to a large percentage who learn best by seeing things done. Place these videos on the membership site for your coaching or mentoring service and let your clients consume your valuable information at their own pace.

Talk About Your Business

There is no place to hide when you are on video. You are able to talk directly to your prospective customers, look them in the eye and explain the benefits of the products or service you have on offer. You know your intended market and can use the language they understand.

Your Viewers Will See You As Authentic

Ask a few of your best clients to make a short testimonial for you, explaining what it has done for them to have done business with you. Your prospective customers will believe what others say about you far more readily than they will believe all the good things you say about yourself by utilizing a quality corporate web video. This will be one of the reasons business leaders will choose you over another business coach.

Make sure to make the most out of a corporate web video to bring out the best in you as a business coach. Contact our team to find out more.

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