Research first before going ahead with your video campaign.

You may have been making videos and corporate video clips for your website and for YouTube  for a while now, but not been achieving the number of views you would like, or the optimal number of leads. Maybe you need to rethink your strategy a little.

Here are a few suggestions to help with the effectiveness of your web video campaign.

Make Sure The Content Of Your Video Is Relevant

The most important part of the video is the first few seconds when the viewer decides whether it is worth watching or not. Have an arresting opening graphic and then continue on with relevant, entertaining, and even exciting material. Once you have your viewer hooked with the help of a reliable digital video production company, he will stay with you until the very end.

Tell Him What To Do Next

There should be a clear goal for every video you make. Do you want the viewer to pick up the phone and call you, opt in or leave their email address for further contact from you? Make it very clear at the end of the video what it is that you want the viewer to do.

A clever way to ensure that you get their email address is to offer something like a free report which will be sent to them in exchange for their email address. In this way you can start to build up your all important data base.

Make Sure You Do Your Research

Anyone worth his salt building a website does proper keyword research, so that they target appropriate terms which people are searching for.

Video is no different. It is vital to do your research for videos and corporate video clips that will get uploaded to YouTube for example. Not many people will come upon your video by chance; you have to plan for it by having the description, tags and video title optimized.

Make It Short And Sweet

It is very easy for a viewer to become bored by useless information, so keep your video short and sharp and only give content that you know will be of interest. You want to hold their attention until the end, so make it short, may two to three minutes long, and keep it entertaining from beginning to end. A how to video is often very successful, as people value the information they get from these.

Monitor Your Progress

There are tools available which will help you monitor the success or otherwise of your video. You can measure how many people are watching your videos and corporate video clips. You can gauge the most successful ones and then replicate the positive elements in your other videos.

Corporate video clips can say a lot about you and your company. Make sure to promote these the right way. Contact us to find out more.


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