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Video Transcript: Now I’m going to do an outro, add some music and then export and we’re done. The last thing is we’re going to do an outro, the call to action. The whole point of making a video, what do you want them to do next, subscribe, pick up the phone, book your seat etc. Generally we put a url on there. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to add another transition. I like to do a fade to black, generally I do a fade to black and then I add a title.

The one I do at the end usually is a zoom because I want it to really stand out for people. I usually match, if I’ve used a black screen at the beginning, I use a black screen at the end, it just helps to keep it clean. You don’t need to overdo it.

So what are we going to put in our call to action?

David: Something about, to see the rest of this video marketing seminar, visit, or something like that. It’s almost like they’ve watched a little bit of the video and we’re hooking them. Then we’re saying, if you want to see the rest of it, head back to our website to see the rest of it, or something like that.

Obviously it’s going to vary, but usually, thinking about what the goal is, the goal is to get them back to your website, so you need a very clear call to action. Because we’re going to be distributing this and this won’t necessarily be embedded into our web page, it’s all about getting them to come back to the site, whereas sometimes the call to action might be opt in below or something like that.

Ben: So ‘See The Next Part Of This Seminar, visit’ Generally we use title case, this is up to you, I’ll leave it like that. Underneath you just put in your url. So what are we doing? MelbourneSEOServices. I actually colour the SEO because that’s what our logo does, so I just add a colour there, just to add a little bit of branding as well. The way we resize it, you just highlight it, show fonts, and then you’ve got this slider here. Basically we just slide it up as big as it will go and it balances with the title above it.

David: Building on that, when using any text in video, for me bigger is always better especially if you’re talking on black screens like this at the intro or outro, depending on what size they’re looking at the video. If you’ve got space there, you might as well use it and make it as easy to use for someone as possible. So by doing that, just make it as big as you can.

Here are some other tips on video editing when you want to upload this in YouTube. One thing with YouTube, you can insert links. They’ve got some post editing material that I can show you. But they won’t let you link off site. You can link to other videos, you can get them to subscribe. There are different ways you can embed actions into video. Traffic Geyser is a good place to look, they’ve got custom video players that you can add those sort of actions. So at the end of a video, the video changes to an opt in box. There are a few different ways to do that but iMovie obviously we can’t do that and this is going to be used on video sharing sites.

Ben: So it defaults to about three seconds, three and a half seconds, that’s not long enough. So we just go in, double click it, go in, make it eight to ten seconds usually. That’s a good amount of time. What will happen is, the default for iMovie is it will fade out at the end. You don’t really want that, you want that url to stay out there because when YouTube stops, it stops on the last frame, the last thing you see. So the way around that is, you go up to your title and you double click on it and then see here, the fade in and fade out. It has an automatic one, you go to manual and you set it to zero.

What that is telling is that, I don’t want you to fade out. So when I go back and I play it, it just stays there, which is a really good technique if you want to offer video editing services in the future.

David: The other really good technique Ben talked about there is the idea of the length of that last screen. As he said, at the end of the video, especially on YouTube and a lot of the video sharing sites, it will pop up all of these related videos. What I like to do is make sure that last screen, sometimes I’ll run it for fifteen seconds, twenty seconds. The person isn’t going to sit there and watch through the twenty seconds, so the last thing they see is my url and hopefully it gets them to take the action. So I’ll extend that final screen out quite long, so it’s, go on, go visit Melbourne SEO Services before all these other options pop up.

Ben: That’s our basic lay out. The final thing we’ve got to do is add a bit of heart, a bit of punch, bit of music.

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