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Video Transcript: Testimonials. I just want to talk about testimonials for a moment as well, to tie this thing together. What is the purpose of having testimonials on a website, on a proposal? I hope you guys are giving out proposals to your clients in your particular niches. Put testimonials in your quotations. It’s a huge conversion perspective.

If someone’s looking at going $5,000 for this or $3,000 for that and working on a solution, and you’ve got testimonials in that quote, that makes a huge difference to the conversion rate as well. It provides an objective opinion. It’s not you saying what you’re saying, it’s that due diligence aspect that I spoke about before. It gives social proof as well.

Has anyone read ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini? He talks about the influence factors, the things that make people get influenced. One of those things is social proof. If everyone else is doing it, it must be good. There’s authority, social proof, reciprocation, so if you do something nice for them, they’ll do something nice for you. It’s one of those very powerful things. I really encourage you to read the book called ‘Influence.’ It’s been on the New York Times bestseller list for about 15 years. It’s one of the oldest books but it’s by far one of the best. If someone else says it, it is must be true. If I’m standing up here saying, I’m the best, it’s one thing, but if someone else says it, it must be true.

Types of testimonials. There are a number of different types of business testimonials. Firstly, there are customer testimonials. So you can have on your website or on your marketing, customer testimonials. These tend to be the most common testimonial you will find and quite often, it is faked. This is one of the reasons we choose to do video testimonials because it’s you in person saying something. It’s much more trustworthy to a prospect as opposed to a written testimonial.

The next level up in terms of the power or the authenticity of a testimonial is a celebrity testimonial, where you have someone who is already an authority in that space saying good things about you. This is why you see so many people using celebrities. You look at the infomercial market. It’s a perfect example in terms of you see all the celebrities on infomercials endorsing the skin care range and that sort of thing because you assume that they’re good.

Then you’ve got experts. These are other authorities in that marketplace talking about it. Then the highest level of testimonial that you can get is from a media or an organization, because they’re putting their reputation on the line.

The media endorsement. If the ‘Herald Sun’ comes out and says that I’m good, if someone comes out in a particular chiropractic journal or a health journal or a management journal and they’re quoting you and talking about you in that particular space, a huge amount of credibility gets passed straight across to you. It’s that halo effect that I spoke about before and it can’t be faked or bought. You can entice other people to give you testimonials. You can call on friends in particular niches, I’ll-promote-you-if-you’ll-promote-me kind of thing.

But it’s very hard to buy or fake the authority for a media outlet. I’ve got some stars there, so I’ll give you a bit of secret tip in terms of how you can tweak this a little bit, where it can be purchased. If anyone is doing print media buys, if you’re buying print media, an advertisement in the ‘Herald Sun’ or in a particular niche magazine, I refuse to buy any print magazine unless I’m getting an editorial in a different edition.

Quite often, there will be media outlets who will say, if you buy a half page thing here, we’ll put an article about you as an editorial in the magazine as well. That is all fine and dandy. But they’ll often put, here’s the article about you on the same page as the advert. The credibility is not really there anymore. I always say, that’s great. I want that article in a different edition to what my advertisement is. So you’re getting two hits of your name out there to the readers of the magazine in different editions. So you can get a bit creative in how you can buy some editorial but generally it can’t be bought or faked.

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