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Video Transcript: The perfect domain name I suppose when I think of building a website, and you go back to, I talked about how I work with a client. Firstly I understand the target market. The next thing that I do is I look at their products and services and I do the keyword research like I talked about. Then if they haven’t got a website, then I’ll look to register the domain name and help build it up.

Brand domain vs. keyword domain

I wanted to talk briefly about what you should be doing with your domain names. With the domain name, typically if it’s a local business, unless you’re starting a business from scratch, it might be a good idea and what you’ll learn and walk away with from today, you might want to build your business name around some keywords that your searchers are looking for when you buy top domain, because that way you can incorporate it into your domain name and throughout your website. If you’ve already got a business, and the business is already named, typically, I’d just go for the brand name.

You can still rank a website for any particular phrase even if the keyword isn’t in the domain name. Sometimes if the keyword is in the domain name, you’ll just get some quick wins, easy wins. Again coming back to Melbourne SEO Services, that’s why we built the name around Melbourne SEO Services.

2-3 words long and avoid hyphens

Usually I go for two to three words long, I avoid using hyphens and it’s probably not the best example, Melbourne SEO Services. We thought about this after the fact. We probably should have gone for .com.au. We did register the .com.au because it does play a little part in the algorithm but we’d already started building links to it and I thought, we’re past the point of no return here, let’s just build it on .com. So if I had my time again I’d go .com.au.

Especially for local business you’ll find, especially when you’re looking for local business that is area-specific, it’ll help in the organic searches and also help in your Google Places listing as well.

Go for .com.au mainly because that is what everybody knows. Up until recently, to register a .com.au name has been quite difficult, you’d have to have a registered business name in the name of the domain name that you wanted to register. The rules have been relaxed a little bit more. You still have to have a registered ABN number here in Australia, so it makes it quite difficult for people overseas to come in here and purchase our domain names. This is brilliant because now we can get really good domain names.

If you compare other industries with .com over in the States and things like that, you try and get ‘painter La Jolla’ or lajollapainting.com and they’re all gone. All the suburb-type things are gone, even if they use domain name finder. But here in Australia, because of that little hurdle, there’s still a massive hole there that people can still jump into. We’ve just registered a whole lot of domain names which is Melbourne and then, insert industry name, .com.au. We’re getting .com.au’s. You want to go for .com.au because that’s what sticks in the mind. That said thought, .net.au. Look, if you can’t get your perfect match do that, and then .org if you’re more of an organization or some sort of charity or something like that.

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