Video conversion creates versions of the same video.

You’ve worked hard on your video. You’ve added all the after effects you’ve wanted and completed the last bit of editing using the best free video conversion software and the final product looks great. But there is still one more step to go.

You need to consider what it is you want to do with your video – where do you want it to be seen and in what format?

There are many places online and offline that require different qualities and formats for your video – iPads,DVD, desktop, web, and iPhone to name just a few. To make sense of all this, you will need a video conversion service.

Video conversion is the process of turning video into different formats for use in different places online and offline using video conversion tool. There is a growing demand for it, because video is in demand in more and more places and formats.

It is always a good idea to look for best free video conversion software, after all the hard work of making a video to allow it to be seen by the customer in several different ways. Two obvious ways of doing this are to provide streaming content via YouTube, Viddler or Vimeo and also downloadable content.

The downloadable versions, the HD version, the SD version and iPhone version are all MP4 files. The only real difference between them is the pixel ratio of the product. The only other thing that needs to be changed is the video bit rate. The HD rate is about 1000K/sec, the SD version 500K/sec and the iPhone version 250K/sec. That gives you a good version for each of those platforms. Use the best quality for streaming.

The videos need to be re-coded and that’s where you need a reliable and economical conversion service, especially if you have high volumes to put out there. Doing it yourself on your desktop is a possibility but that task is very time consuming and requires some technical know-how. There are services out there which can do all the encoding for you automatically and much more efficiently. They are available as paid services but are generally fairly inexpensive. It is much better use of time and resources to take advantage of these services rather than to try and do this yourself.

With these services, it is generally a very simple process. You select what file formats you want the service to do and it does the rest. This is very cost effective if you’re not doing very high volumes of videos. If it is just a video a week, it’s very affordable.

Good video making comes down to making informed decisions on which best free video conversion software to use. We’ve gone through this process ourselves over a number of years while making countless numbers of videos. We have encountered all of the obstacles you are likely to come up against and would be glad to share this expertise with you. Simply click here or get in contact with us at Melbourne Video Production and we will point you in the right direction to make high quality videos which will get you noticed on the web.


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