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Video Transcript: E-mails that convert. I just wanted to talk about how to write e-mails that convert. I like to include, text, video, audio and PDF. Hit them on multi modes. Everybody learns in different ways. So if you can give them different ways to learn, they’ll most likely consume more information. So send some videos, send a PDF, that type of thing.

Make it short and to the point. I think we’re all at a point now where we’ve got so many distractions in our lives, that people will find it refreshing if your e-mail is short and to the point. It says, hey, I’ve got this free download for you, go check it out, rather than some massive bit of text explaining your services, like offering internet marketing solutions for small businesses.

Personal, conversational tone is very important as well. When you look at any of my communications that I do in any of my businesses, I try and be really personable. I want people to feel like, even if I am already an internet marketing specialist, they can reach out and connect with me and it’s written into the way I write my language. Don’t try and come across as some used car salesman, come across as a friend. I’m trying to help my clients move their businesses forward. This is a Jim Rohn quote, if you help enough people get what it is they want, you’ll get what you want. I’m always, how can I serve, how can I serve because I know that builds that rapport with them. That’s just how I do it.

Write to a friend. Read it aloud. Reread it before you send an e-mail. It’s always a good idea to
reread it aloud. Often you’ll find little errors that you missed because as you’re scanning over it, you put words in there that aren’t necessarily there. Make sure that you read it or get someone else to read it.

Then optimize your landing page. At the end of each e-mail, you want to be giving them a very clear call to action: here’s what you should be doing next. Ok, if we’re talking about testimonials, you say, click the link below to watch what the results were that Heather got recently for ISO Consulting. Watch this video. That tells them exactly what to do. Then when they hit that landing page, you can optimize that landing page like Pete was talking about, to get the best conversion out of them.

Anatomy of an e-mail. Let’s think about the anatomy of an e-mail, just what is involved. You’ve got a from. From is the first thing that people see when they look at an e-mail address. They’ll see, who is it actually from? If it’s someone that I trust and I believe, then I’ll open it up.

From. It’s like people talk about when you open letters. I think it’s more of an issue in the States
than it is here in Australia. But in the States, they get a lot of direct mail over there. So people will open letters over the bin and you’ll just drop in the letters that you have no idea who they’re from and you look for the ones that are addressed to you and from people who you know, and they’re the ones you keep. It’s the same sort of thing in the email space, people look who it’s from.

Subject. Subjects are obviously important. And this is a little bit of a copywriting thing, I think at some point, copywriting is a skill you should look to learn.

Personalization {firstname} Personalization, if you can embed their name into the e-mail: Hi Dave, and that again starts to build that rapport. Don’t overdo it though because you don’t want to mention it every two seconds, and then it just feels canned.

The best way to think of this is, once you lift out of your head, put yourself into that avatar and think, how would I want to be communicated to? That’s the best thing that you can do, how would you like to be communicated to? No one likes a cheesy salesman. Everybody likes a friendly, conversational tone. So just do that, just like you’d talk with at friend. Ok, someone is interested in MetaStock. Talk to them. Why would they choose MetaStock? MetaStock is good for this and this reason, as though you were talking to me or just a friend or someone who you knew.

Link at the top, bottom and middle. In the e-mails as well, put multiple links. Because when people open an e-mail, people are trained to click blue underlined links. That’s what you’re trained to see, you see a blue underlined link, you click it. That’s just training over the years. So have a blue underline link straight at the top of your e-mail. So when they open it, if they’re going to click it, they can click it. But have it a couple of times. I usually have it top, middle and the bottom.

Call to action. Call to action, we talked about that. Another thing I like to do, autoresponder systems will require you, due to the CAN-SPAM Act law, to put in your contact details, your name and all that kind of thing and have an unsubscribe button.

Using “=====” Usually what I’ll do is, I’ll put one of these dashed lines. I’ll get to the end of my e-mail, I’ll press enter, enter, enter, enter, this far down, then I’ll put the dashed line. What that does, when the message gets sent out, it pushes that unsubscribe below the fold. This reduces the chance of someone unsubscribing. If I wrote a really short e-mail, and then it’s got unsubscribe, if they want to dig a little bit deeper, they can. I’m not going to stop them from unsubscribing. But it’s a good way to reduce your unsubscribe rates.

64 characters long.  I typically do text. I’m not one for doing html. Have you done any testing with html? So text e-mails. There’s an example email. We just had a launch just recently for the Online Trading Mastermind. It did extremely well and that’s an example of the way that I do e-mail. You can see the link at the top there, the way that it’s formatted to 64 characters wide. I’ll tell them exactly what to do, there’s a call to action: Check it out and let me know what you think. Click the link below. There are a few points in there and it’s in your notes, so you can have a closer look. But that’s the way that I structure my e-mail, just pulling together everything that I just talked about there.

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