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Video Transcript: Basically SendOutCards is an offline autoresponder service which I have been playing withfor about 12 months and getting some good success. It’s basically an autoresponder service but done with postcards and greeting cards. So you actually set up a responsive service so that when someone actually buys from you for example, they get a thank you card, how’s it all going card.

Three hundred and sixty-four days later, hey, it’s the 12-month anniversary. Can I give you a discount? You actually do that by direct post which I think is a fantastic service and I’m getting a lot of very cool success with that. You can actually upload your own handwriting. You fill out a form and they’ll upload your own handwriting to the service and the cards are printed in your own handwriting.

It’s pretty impressive when you get personalized addressed mail for printable postcards and you open it up and it’s a thank you card from somebody in their handwriting and it’s all automated. Again, you just upload your clients to the service once a month and then automatically they get all these autoresponders, not only by e-mail but can do via post which is pretty cool. So if anyone is interested in that thank you postcards, they can come and have a chat to me afterwards. If you go to sendoutcards.com/sevendaytrial, you can sign up there for a seven-day trial for the service.

I hope this quick video will encourage you to use offline autoresponder service like forwarding Send Out Cards to your target customers. Do you need immediate assistance in producing quality videos for your business? Click here to get in touch with our team today.

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