The 4- Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris is a book that many people pick up and can’t put down. The truth is, you can’t get to the point of only working the concept of 4 hr work week without putting in years of 40 -60 hour work week beforehand!

The fact is, many successful online business owners do work extremely hard. You need to do all you can to work more effectively, not concentrate on working fewer and fewer hours. Outsourcing is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your work.

It is important to be clear about work which you can’t do and work which you don’t like. The work which you cannot do, that is, you have no expertise in, is the work which you must get outsourced. The temptation for many business owners is to outsource work and the use of work management tool which they find unappealing. This is the wrong way to go about it.

You very often just have to grind your way through the work which you don’t particularly like doing. However, there are certain aspects of the business which simply must get done, and if you have no experience or expertise, in, say, the technical side of things, you will need to find someone who is able to help you.

It might be a slightly different story if doing the things you don’t like is making life stressful for you. You are not going to be in a fit state to grow your business if you are highly stressed doing the work which you find distasteful. If it is having this effect on you, it may be necessary for you to outsource some of these tasks. On the whole, however, it will pay to employ virtual assistants to do the work you are unable to do, thus surrounding yourself with competent people who can cover for any weaknesses you may have.

Another distinction which people get confused about is work done in their business and work which is done on their business using this concept of 4 hr work week.  Working in your business is doing the product delivery and customer service. This is work that should be outsourced. If you are running a plumbing business, it is an excellent idea to hire an apprentice who works under you and does the actual plumbing work. This frees you up to work on your business. This will involve working on the sales and marketing, actually getting customers coming through the door. This is what will grow your business and what you should be concentrating on.

It is probably true that at least in the beginning stages, The 4 – Hour Work Week should not be taken too literally. You need to be working smarter on the right things than worrying too much about reducing the number of hours you are working like the concept of 4 hr work week. You should not be working in your industry unless you love it, and if you are passionate about what you are doing, you won’t be counting the hours you are spending.

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